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International working course ‘Binnenstadservice’

I am glad to announce our first International Conference “Binnenstadservice”. The recent months we have been experiencing an increasing interest in our “”Binnenstadservice”-solution. From different countries we have received requests for information and requests to visit us in the Netherlands.

We believe that it is in everyone’s interest to bring people together to discuss the subject of Urban Distribution. In our case we want to bring people together around our solution and present our solution in detail and visit one of the cities that benefit from our solution. In order to achieve this we organize a 2 day working course. The purpose of this course will be also to share everyone’s thoughts regarding Urban Distribution.
The conference is currently scheduled for July 5 and 6, in a monastery in the Netherlands, Soeterbeeck in Ravenstein, Netherlands: A good environment for an exchange of thoughts.

In the attachment you will find the program and practical information. We look forward to meet you early July in Holland.

Kind regards,

Max Prudon

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International working course ‘Binnenstadservice’

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  1. Dear sir,
    I am interested to get more information about your International Conference announced above.

    Kind Regards

  2. Graag had ik meer info ontvangen over de international working course van 5 en 6 juli a.s.

    Gunter Gonnissen

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